#1: GETTING STARTED. Beginning lesson

#1: EMPEZANDO. Entrando en materia

a little about me and how I got here...

It's overwhelming to see you here as excited as I am...

I feel with the purpose of doing it, blowing it up and putting on you the best thing you have ever had on your feet.

So, I would like to share with you from the beginning (I'm not going to tell you about the beginnings of the brand, xro yes...), how and why today I have within reach, this dream to create the best sports shoes on the market.

I think every captain has to have a plan to get to his and... me's treasure; I am one of those who have more maps than ships or one of those who daydream more than necessary... my head does not stop and I do not know if it is a defect or a virtue, but it has brought me where I am, where I am going and with the best of attitudes.

 My personal challenge, when it comes to brand products, has always been the same;

Being able to dress a person from head to toe, end. At first, honestly, I said it as a joke because I saw it as something very impossible, but time and hard work have made me go to China to look for it at the moment I am writing this to you...

Everything arises from increasing volume, moving significant quantities of merchandise, (and I mean clothing, my name is not Escobar). This has made my relationship with manufacturers improve substantially...

  This is how it begins, the magic; not so magical of the "chain of favors" that I will summarize it in the following; I asked for help from one of my manufacturers with whom I get along best to develop some grips with a specific type of material and thus I arrived at the following port:

… I am introduced to the Manager of an important sports shoe factory; We agreed that I will deal with one of his sales representatives to assist me specifically, so far everything is ok…

What was my surprise, that when I asked for a video about the factory and asked about success stories or well-known companies, they gave me the magic wand and my face lit up... it turns out that the factory is not a modest factory, but it turns out to be an entire citadel where sneakers are made... hahaha but giant! 2 huge buildings with 6 floors each.

 But what caught my attention was who they work for!... they manufacture for the leading brand in Crossfit and have worked for very, very large companies of global recognition; So, it goes without saying that they have a very strong grip on KNOWHOW and apart from working with NOBULL, they assure me of creating a personal line for the manufacture of sneakers at the same level as the older cousins ​​of the family that manufacture there (PUMA AND ADIDAS), almost nothing eh?

In summary, there were two paths that I worked on for months once I got serious about creating the shoes...

1) I did a search for suppliers on my own, to enter little by little; as I always do when I develop a product from scratch;

and at the same time

2) I asked my contacts on the Asian continent, this being the route that has turned out to be the best option or at least the choice I have taken.

The manufacturer that helped me is the manufacturer of sports knee pads, which I will also visit on this trip to China... (I brought him a bottle of sweet wine from my homeland as a gift, to see what he thinks. ..)

In the next broadcast I am going to tell you the first step I took, six months ago, when the "IM" was erased from my head and it became "POSSIBLE".

Hugs, thanks for being there and super strength!


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