#3: THE FOOTPRINT. The Footprint we will leave is ready!!

#3: LA HUELLA. La Huella que dejaremos está lista!!

We already have an official sole, what do you think?...Let me share the progress of the topic; we now have the sole ready! it has been a tough battle in which I have felt like a winner.

   This is a real roller coaster of feelings. Today I feel like a winner and happy, yesterday I was frustrated by the problem that I am going to tell you...

  As you can see, this is the final result of the Banbroken sole, I'm amazed! first, they showed me a mold of putty and later (after payment) the metal plates are personalized with the mold definitive for the sole. and here is the result!

suela de producto

*Confidence: Do you know how much I had to pay for the mold for one size?
2900 €... cheer up!
And that price must be paid for each size of sneakers that we take out...
that's why everyone makes t-shirts and not sneakers... at least I will have to take from 36 to 46 and for the half sizes I think we will give winter socks so as not to be left with soles but without sneakers... 😅

   Now the problem I am encountering is the following, due to a communication error; something that with China is more common than you can imagine, they have made the "midsole" part that is, the EVA or FOAM rubber that goes on top of the sole, very wide and the look it gives to the shoe is that it looks like I'm wearing women's wedges instead of sneakers.

So we have to redo the design again. Nothing happens, for now they assume the corresponding costs of the mold because clearly the mistake was theirs; It's more homework, and a bit of showing your teeth; but better now than not finding this in the final production...

midsole Banbroken

here I show you the higher size sole above and the correct one below.

It is taking color and in the next installment of my broadcast about our adventure, I am going to reveal to you one of the great secrets about zapas and why they are going to make them different from the rest; I really want to tell you!!!!

Again with gratitude and emotion, Antonio Millán

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